Ristorante Osteria Romana

Special Course

A common memory to be rediscovered, course rich in flavor that awaken the senses of those who tastes it.
To rediscover the genuine flavors of every day of the week.

One for every day of the week

Soup of Beef Meat

Made with natural ingredients, aromas that enrich and prolonged cooking to give it the right body. Quadrucci or Tortellini Pasta

Potatoes soup

mMade with potatoes, but not only: onion, celery, carrot, tomato and more enrich and color the soup and give it a taste and full-bodied flavor, sooo important. Cannolicchi or Spaghetti pasta

Bean soup

The soup of beans require a long cooking time, when the low heat allows the various components of the dish to try their best and make a genuine and unique taste. Cannolicchi pasta.

Avezzano potato dumplings

Traditionl Italian dish and consuetidine of modern time: Thursday dumplings. Avezzano potato with flour, egg and a pinch of salt, to create a smooth soft and dough.

Broccoli and Stingray soup

The recipe for this soup is very old, a dish typical of Roman cuisine, whit Stingray soup and broccoli.

Lentils soup

Ideal for colder winter evenings. Served with extra virgin olive oil and toasted bread, is a valuable and unique dish. Spaghetti or Maltagliati pasta.